5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a New Apprentice

Ready to hire a new apprentice? You might be wondering about the right kind of qualities to look for in your new hire. At All Trades Queensland, we know a thing or two about hiring apprentices, and we wanted to share some of the key things to consider so that your new apprentice is an asset for years to come!

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You’re going to be working with this person in your life for the next year at least — so you want to ensure that you can get along with them just fine. It’s wise to have a good chat to a prospective apprentice, being aware that sometimes people take a while to loosen up and show their true self.

Make sure this chat is informal and relaxed to help your apprentice feel at ease. You might want to go for a drink at a café or remove yourself from the work environment, so you’re not so professional when you meet them.


A new apprentice has to be enthusiastic about their upcoming appointment, and it has to show. They may well be nervous when you ‘re interviewing them – but you should be able to see that your new apprentice is keen and eager to learn the trade you’re teaching.

You can tell someone who is enthusiastic because they will know a little about your trade and have done some research on their own to find out more about what it is that you do. They’ll ask questions and will likely be committed to getting as much from you as they can.

Willingness to learn

A new apprentice should be willing to put themselves out there and learn from you. A willingness to learn is shown by the start date they want, and how committed they are to the education side of things.

If you have a school-based apprentice who has contacted you of their own volition, it usually shows a willingness to learn.


You want to see a potential new apprentice being curious about how this qualification is going to affect their life, and asking questions to find out more.

You will see in the interview that a curious new apprentice is going to engage with you by asking about how things work in your day, and they will be trying to find out more about your trade.


It is important that a new apprentice is committed to the training and is under no illusions about how things are going to progress.

The road to being a fully-qualified tradesperson is long and requires commitment throughout the journey. You can ask questions of your new apprentice to gauge their commitment to the apprenticeship position.

If you have an apprentice with even a couple of these qualities you can encourage the rest – after all, you’re responsible for shaping their future and can play a key role in who your apprentice will be personally and professionally.

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5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a New Apprentice

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