Interview Questions to Ask New Apprentices

Hiring an apprentice is a big step to take in your business. So, if you hire one, you want to make sure you hire the right person for the job.

The interview process is critical, and you want to take the right steps to get to know your prospective hire before you get them on board. By being thorough in the beginning, you have a far greater chance of hiring someone who will be a good fit for your business.

After all, an apprentice may go on to work with you long term once they are on board – so getting it right from the start is critical to your future success!

We have put together some key questions to ask your new apprentice when you are going through the interview process.

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Questions For Your New Apprentice

1. Why did you choose this industry?

You want to ensure that your new apprentice has at least a basic understanding of the industry you’re in. You always want them to be aware of the challenging work or situations that they might find themselves struggling with.

While they do not need to know the finer points of your industry, it will be helpful if they go into their new apprenticeship with open eyes. This avoids burnout.

2.Where do you see yourself going with your apprenticeship?

Make it clear that it’s perfectly fine if your apprentice does not anticipate staying with your business after they are qualified; they may wish to start their own contracting business or have other aspirations.

You want to know that your new apprentice is at least committed to staying with you until their apprenticeship is complete.

3.What sort of previous experience do you have?

Even if you hire a school-based apprentice who does not have a lot of previous experience, they might have taken part in group projects and other classwork that has given them some necessary skills.

Knowing their past work experience (if any) will give you a better idea of what they need to know and how you can train them.

4.What would you consider to be your greatest achievement in your schooling or work life to date?

his is a good question as it allows you to see what the individual values and what they consider important. It also shows you what they consider to be an important achievement.

This will reveal the kinds of contributions you can expect to see from them when they are working with you.

5.Describe your ideal working day

This is a bit of a curveball, but it can be a helpful way to find out what your apprentice likes in terms of challenges and rewards.

In order to create a really positive working environment, you should be trying to cultivate the experience of each of your employees to ensure everyone is being challenged and rewarded.

6.What is a big obstacle you had to overcome?

This is a good way to assess your potential hire’s past performance and get to know their problem-solving style.

7.Are you comfortable working in tight/confined/hot spaces?

This is an industry-specific question. But if you’re in an industry where this type of work is required, you will need to know from the start if your new apprentice can handle this type of environment.

8.Do you have any questions?

You want to ask your apprentice if they have anything to ask of you! This can help you gauge their interest and to find out how much they know about you and your industry.

For more tips like these, be sure to check out our blog for other bits of information and advice. We are here to support employers as they work with new apprentices.

Interview Questions to Ask New Apprentices

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