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How to Make Sure Your First Day on the Job is a Positive One

Starting a new job? Got your first day as a new apprentice coming up? We’re here to support you and want to give you some top tips to make sure that your new job is positive. Whether you’re concerned about making sure you don’t say anything wrong or just want to make a great impression, We are here to give you some handy tips!

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Make sure you are on time

This one kind of speaks for itself and yet, you would be surprised how many people do not show up on time for work. Make sure you are nice and early and that you know where you need to be in the morning.

The place you did the interview might not be the place where you need to be for your first day, so it is important to ensure you know where you have to go.

Have an open mind and be ready to learn

Your new job is an opportunity to get some new skills and learn from experts in their field. Embrace this opportunity and be prepared to be part of a new team and learning from new people.

You are going to be meeting a lot of new people today so just be open to everything and try to remember people’s names!

Ask plenty of questions (but listen hard)

You need to ensure you are asking the right questions to figure out the lay of the land. Don’t just ask questions to try and sound clever – make sure that any questions you ask relate to something important.

Be mentally ready to start at the bottom

You may have been top of the heap at your old job, depending on what you have come from, but when you are starting a new apprenticeship or a new job at a new place, you are the new person and need to take your time to establish yourself.

Try and figure out the hierarchy early on and then work out where you might fit in there. It is important that you are committed to getting your work done as a priority, knowing that engaging with others is important too.

Work hard

This is critical. You really need to show your new employer that you are committed to working hard and doing a good job. You want your new employer to be glad that they have hired someone who’s dedicated and hardworking – so make sure you make this apparent from the get-go.

This might be through showing initiative, or it might be shown through getting in and getting the job done.

Keep the enthusiasm going

After the first day is over, there are a whole heap more days stretching out in front of you, and a key way to make the most of your apprenticeship is to ensure that you are keeping the enthusiasm going.

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