Labour Hire

For an Efficient Labour Hire, Brisbane & Beyond Look to ATQ

Whether you are a qualified trades person or just interested in working as a labourer for a business in your chosen industry, All Trades Queensland offer a state-wide, from places like Townsville to Brisbane, Labour Hire employment option.

Unlike apprenticeships and traineeships, Labour Hire employees are not locked into a contract, but will work as a casual employee for one of our host employers.

As a casual employee, you are paid a higher hourly rate which includes a 25% loading. This additional loading covers the time when you aren’t working such as annual leave, sick leave, personal leave and public holidays. Whether you are a Townsville labour hire, a Brisbane labour hire, or working in any other town or city through our labour hire program, you will enjoy the benefits of being a casual worker employed with the help of All Trades Queensland.

The benefits of working as a Brisbane Labour Hire employee, a labour hire Townsville trades want and need, or a casual labourer in any other part of Queensland, is that you are entitled to:

  • Superannuation contributions
  • Workers Compensation
  • Tool allowance paid weekly
  • Insurance and Income Tax paid
  • Overtime and allowances as applicable
  • No ABN or GST required.
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