All Trades Queensland supporting all apprentices & students affected

Thousands of apprentices and trainees nationally are tragically stranded in short of finishing their trade following the collapse of Careers Australia. 

All Trades Queensland will extend its support beyond its own affected employees to all Apprentices & Trainees impacted by the collapse.  As Australia’s largest commercial employer of apprentices and trainees we have the expertise and infrastructure to assist all Apprentices & Trainees help find suitable and trusted training providers to continue with their studies and qualifications no matter what trade or industry.


Careers Australia in voluntary administration & cancels all classes (Image: Careers Australia Burleigh Facebook)

What to do next

If you are caught up by the closure of one of the Careers Australia campuses, it is important not to panic or be pressured to make quick decisions.

You will be able to select a new training provider and have your training contract transferred to continue your training.

This is a simple process which requires a single form to be lodged with the Department of Education & Training (Click here)

Feel free to contact us and one of our staff members can assist you in this transition

Call: 13 18 30


Facebook Chat:

The Department of Education & Training is also ready to assist student concerns.

Contact Training Queensland on 1300 369 935 or email


In the meantime make sure:

  1. All your results are up to date
  2. You complete all Third-Party forms and have your supervisor or boss sign
  3. You update your Training Record Book, e-Profiling and have your boss sign